News and Announcements

Our next installment in the African American Studies Faculty Colloquium Series will feature Mary Patillo, author of Black Picket Fences (1999) and Black on the Block (2007). Her talk, featured, “The Future of Black Metropolis,” considers the changing landscape of race and class in American cities. Seventy years after Drake and Cayton first coined the phrase, “black metropolis” to describe Chicago’s thriving south side ghetto, increasing numbers of blacks are moving to the south and to the suburbs. With ever fewer blacks inhabiting the iconic “inner-city” spaces of the first and second ghettos, what, if any, analytical purchase does the concept of black metropolis still hold?

The CAAH is proud to announce the appointment of a new director, Sylvester Johnson. Johnson is Associate Professor of African American Studies and Religion, and author of, The Myth of Ham in Nineteenth-Century American Christianity: Race, Heathens, and the People of God (2004). He is the Founding Co-Editor of the Journal of Africana Religions and is currently writing a history of colonialism and African American religions, 1500-2000. We are excited to have Professor Johnson at the helm, and look forward to another great year of programming!